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1955 Posters

Athletes! Fight for new achievements in the sport! by Golovanov L. F.

Be happy, dear! by Ivanov V. S.

Build strong, finish in advance! by Govorkov V. I.

Develop the pig-keeping! by Mosin A.

Don't you dare by Nizovaya S.

Long Live to World Peace! by Tereshcenko N. I.

Millions of kilowatts to the Motherland! by Kokorekin A. A.

My beauties are the best! They will make me proud at the exposition! by Savostuk O. M., Uspenskiy B.A.

The Sport Games of the USSR. Tryouts of strength and skill! by Ivanov V. S.

There is no better clothes on earth, than bronze of muscles and freshness of the skin. V. Mayakovsky by Tereshcenko N. I.

To new victories in work and sport! by Kokorekin A. A.

Workers in light industry and commerce! Your best results are satisfied customers! by Burova O. K., Ivanov V. S.