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About Us

Hello dear Russian culture and Art enthusiast!

We are so happy you found our website. We are very happy that you are into Russian culture and art. We literally can not believe that you are actually interested in us and it makes us unbelievably happy.

It does not take much to tell you who we are, lets break it down:

Mr. — stands for Mister (you probably know that). In our case we brought Mister and KGB together, which in our mind is pretty opposite things. Word mister is taken from capitalist world and KGB is taken from soviet world. Those two should not be together normally, comrade KGB would work so much better. But, this website is made to break all the boundaries for people who simply wants to enjoy art and we wanted to underline that.

KGB — is well known and perhaps evil abbreviation that stands for some evil organization that came from Soviet Union times, but not that many people know what exactly it stands for. It also happened to be initials of the creator of this website. He was born in Soviet Union but ended up moving to the USA. Mr. KGB was first and only nickname that he acquired in United States. He is happy to be one and only Mr. KGB and enjoying capitalistic world at the moment.

Design — even though, we have not designed much yet but we believe we are designers (and artists) deep in our soul and we will prove it to you in the future. The only part of our design (and Art!) that we can present at the moment is this website. But you should know that we are working on the great projects in the background and those will be presented to you in the near future.

Contact Us

We are web-based company so we encourage you to use our email address to contact us. This will be the fastest and most preferred way to contact us.

Thank you!