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1950 Posters

Aim to build fast, cheap, and good! by Ivanov V. S.

Chocolate sets. Red October Factory (Confectionery) by Pobedinskiy A. N.

Circus. Irina Bougrimova, Lion Tamer by Bulanov M. A.

Electric energy to Kolkhozes, Sovkhozes, MTS (Machine and Tractor Stations)! by Koretskiy V. B.

Fight for the honor of your factory name! by Koretskiy V. B.

For the people's happiness! by Ivanov V. S.

Get ready for the all-Union agricultural exhibition... by Livanova V. M.

Glory to our beloved country! by Bri-Bein M. F.

Join mine-layers groups of the DOSARM! by Kalyabin V.

Milkmaid, let's achieve rich yield of milk of each forage cow! by Zelenskiy B. A.

People's dreams came true! by Lavrov A. I.

Such women did not and could not exist in the old days by Soloviev M. M.

The Cossacks of Kuban by Zelenskiy B. A.

The World Women Skating Championship by Zelenskiy B. A.

Transport more oil to the needs of the beloved Motherland! by Elkin V. N.

We demand peace! by Koretskiy V. B.

Who gets the national income? by Govorkov V. I.