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1931 Posters

An exhibition of Vladimir Mayakovsky's works by Gan A. M.

Choose a worker to represent your Indigenous People not a sorcerer or a kulak by Horoshevskiy G.

Day labourers and Komsomol members, on tractor! by Svarog V. S.

Down with kitchen slavery! Let there be new household life! by Shegal G. M.

Five year plan for the public catering of the L.S.P.O.(Leningrad Union of Consumer Societies) by Bulanov D. A.

For the reconstruction of the transport! by Gromitskiy I. I.

Fulfill work norms with a socialist attitude to the steam locomotive and rapid work movement by Bulanov D. A.

Keep the quality UP! by Unknown Artist

Komsomol members, to the shock sowing by Klutsis G. G.

Let's start the second five year plan under the Lenin's banner! by Senkin S. Y.

Shock gathering in for harvest of Bolsheviks by Voron M. A.

Sleeping at work - playing into the hands of enemies of the working class by Chashnikov I., Ioganoson B. V.

The future war will be exceedingly mechanized by Dlugach M. O.

The lack of work discipline destroys the transport by Unknown Artist

The Soviets and electrification are the basis of the new world by Samohvalov A. N.

Worker, fight for a clean dining room and a healthy food! by Bri-Bein M. F.