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1923 Posters

All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition by Lebedev I., Fidman V. I.

Best Pacifiers Ever by Mayakovskiy V. V., Rodchenko A. M.

Build up the Air Fleet of the U.S.S.R. Become shareholder of the "Dobrolyot"! by Simakov I. V.

Children Meeting by Komarov A. I.

Dobrolyot by Rodchenko A. M.

Most business-like, neatest (GUM's Advertising) by Mayakovskiy V. V., Rodchenko A. M.

Touring poster of Moscow Chamber Theater by Stenberg V. A., Stenberg G. A.

Woman! Learn to read and write! by Kruglikova E. S.

Workers, high prices and NEP not going to scare us because we have this inexpensive bread! by Rodchenko A. M., Mayakovskiy V. V.