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For the Motherland!

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Author: Kokorekin A. A.

Year: 1942

Another famous poster. This one was actually based on a real events. Here is translation of the story that comes with this poster:
"Love the motherland more than life" - this is a fighting slogan of the heroic sailors. Seaman, junior leader Stepan Ermolenko received task - staunchly defend the frontier. Eight times the Germans had rushed to the attack on the Ermolenko's Branch and eight times they were choking in their blood. Repulsed the attack, the sailors threw themselves on the Germans. The Ratio was one sailor against 10 to 12 fascists. Ermolenko got surrounded by more than 20 Germans. Two grenades thrown them lay exactly at the target, destroying up to 10 Germans. Valiant sailors were fighting for seven hours. They have destroyed more than two hundred Germans, did not retreat and have not passed their position to the enemy.

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